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Dear professional coach,

​let's imagine you can profit from an easy and handy aid when teaching the difficult concepts of the swing.
Maybe, we really invented a tool that can make the difference.

Its name is JollyGolf and you can get it free!
its value on the market will be 199 euros and it will make its appearance in 2020 spring .

At the moment we are printing the prototypes with our 3D printers with equally durable materials so you can evaluate it .
We only ask for the shipment cost of 20 euros .

This is a patented aid made in Italy and developed by professional golfers you may have read about in various web sites.
We believe you will make good use of it even with your most difficult students.

Our goal was to help beginners but we found that JollyGolf can enormously help low hcp ones too
A group of instructors and other players are testing it and not just for the short game...

If you want to be part of that, fill in the form below.
(You will receive an e-mail with the expected delivery date and for the shipment contribution).


Team JollyGolf

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" it helps you go through pitching and chipping without making mistakes "

Paola, 18 Hcp

" it leads you along the whole swing"

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" more feel, more precise impacts with the ball "




JollyGolf is the outcome of a friendship born out of a mutual passion for golf.

Marco Bertini, with a post graduate degree in engineering, hcp 4, creator and founder of the project.


Enrico Morandi, qualified industrial technician, hcp 7, marketer and founder of the project.