A big Thank you!

Luca Salvetti PGA qualified professional and PGAs Tutor, with over 25 years experience in the world of golf with a master degree in Sport Sciences specialized in Biomechanics.

Luca say:

It's the tool I've always been looking for!

JollyGolf is born from the modern fundamentals of swing. 

it's amazing how easy to understand the swing with this tool.

I recommend the use of JollyGolf for all professional instructors.

Golfers enjoying JollyGolf

During the development of jollygolf we always asked for feedback. Here are some of them

Very good players say :

it doesn't even seem to wear it and it perfectly follows the swing arc , especially with putter and in the short game.
I can also check the fundamentals of the movement before each game.


Professional instructors say:

In general I am sceptical about teaching aids but JollyGolf really helps my pupils.
It guides you in a proper way through the swing with a step-by-step tutorial .
Simple and very efficient!

The average players say :

even if at the beginnings I find some difficulties with JollyGolf during the swing eventually it cleans up all mistakes and unnecessary movements.
After a few practice sessions, I feel I move the shoulders correctly and hit the ball like never before.


Beginner players say :

finally I have found a guide in JollyGolf that I can use with my professional instructor , or by myself at any time.


Everyone who has tried JollyGolf agrees that it is a unique tool , one of its kind , for putting, chipping and long-game.

JollyGolf with Driver :

Well, i tried to use the driver but there are still some works to do...