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Dear Proette/Pro,

are you wishing to have a versatile and effective training aid when teaching the difficult concepts of the swing ?
Stop wishing , now you can have it !

Its name is JollyGolf !

It is a patented aid, made in Italy, developed by Engineers and qualified PGA Professional golfers with many years’ experience in the world of golf specializing in Biomechanics.

We are going to launch the product before summer at the retail price of 199 Euro (we do not have intermediaries) but you can have it for a very special price.

We found that JollyGolf can enormously help not only beginners , our initial goal , but low hcp too.
A group of coaches and other players are using it for every day practice and , just in a few sessions improvement is evident. You can use it for long game as well as short game or putting. It's small, easy and handy to use.


If you want to be part of that, fill in the form below.
(You will receive an e-mail with your special price, the eBook and a direct email for any questions).


Team JollyGolf

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" it helps you go through pitching and chipping without making mistakes "

Paola, 18 Hcp

" it leads you along the whole swing"

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" more feel, more precise impacts with the ball "