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Product Details

JollyGolf is an innovative and versatile tool which, when connected to your golf club, allows you to practise all stages of the game. The JollyGolf training aid guides your swing to achieve the perfect impact with the ball.

A product made from quality materials, and designed and developed by engineers and PGA Professionals. After practising with the JollyGolf Training Aid you will make impact with the golf ball like never before! The easy way to improve your golf, whether you're on or off the course.  

Improve all stages of your game with JollyGolf. 


My first impression before getting on the course, was how well the JollyGolf was made. Lightweight and easily assembled. Unlike most training aids, it allows you to work on all aspects of the game. Most importantly for me, it allowed the feeling of better connection and how the impact should feel! This training aid has helped myself and my students at all levels of the game. The JollyGolf training aid is A MUST BUY!


James- PGA Professional


I think the JollyGolf training aid is fantastic! I have been working with a client for two 2 years who thinks he doesn’t break his wrists on the back swing. After 10 minutes of using the training aid, he could believe it. A massive improvement on his chipping in such a short period of time. You’ve hit the mark with this training aid JollyGolf!

Samantha- PGA Professional 6 time tour winner


A great training aid, I use it to teach my clients in multiple ways. I mainly use the JollyGolf Training Aid at the beginning of the back swing, to create a perfect takeaway. 

Dean- PGA Professional



JollyGolf is a light and durable object with a beautiful design. Perfect to have in your bag at all times.

Please Note

Non-standard grips longer than 27cm (10.6 in) or without a hole cannot be connected to JollyGolf.