PUTTING: the micro-movements

Updated: May 30

In Putting one of the recurring problems is to correctly evaluate energy management. Think about it for a moment, how many times do you pass the hole in medium and long distance putts with a certain constancy ?

If you have a local mind and belong to the category of players who make more than 80 shots per round, let's say that you could do it 2/3 times out of 10. This fact makes us understand one thing, that par and birdies are often tiring. Managing the energy or rather having the right touch has to do with a fundamental factor, taking the ball in the center of the putt, in the sweet spot.

To do it correctly your gesture requires a certain precision, especially linked to reducing unnecessary movements. Moving your hands during impact, swinging too much from right to left, looking at the hole without having respected the sequence of the shot, using your wrists too much, are all quite common errors that are seen quite often on