Updated: Oct 27, 2020

POWER SWING (Long Swing) Training

Session No.1 (5/10 mins )

Goal: Warm Up

Suitable on the tee of hole 1 if you have a few minutes or before the training session.

The exercise helps you to be focused on the gesture and the correct sensation of body rotation. Swing very slowly, use the JollyGolf after mounting it on a 6/7 iron. Before each swing, review the fundamentals (GASP) and focus on the start of the movement. Keep very light pressure on the grip and avoid moving your body sideways, try to be very centered and balanced. After a few swings, start moving with your eyes closed and pay attention to the sensations you feel. Breathe normally, and look for a rhythm. Keep flowing and pay attention to tensions. This exercise, which we can call preparatory, despite the absence of the ball is very effective in terms of awareness of the gesture and allows you to optimally synchronize the various parts of the body.

Session No.2 ( 20/30 mins.)