POWER SWING (Long swing)

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Let's now enter the third swing, the one that is more complex on a coordination level and more related to your physical condition. Even in this case, however, the difference is the ability to bring the club face square to impact. This comes naturally from some fundamental points: a good technique, a good touch and a good representation of the flight you want to achieve.

At the base of the Power swing the modern concept to work on is the correct rotation of the body, in this sense we can say that the more correct is the rotation, the more controllable is the position of the club face and therefore the quality of the impact. Only if you get stable values in these parameters you will be able to catch the ball in the center. As far as this ability to improve the impact is concerned, the JollyGolf will help you to acquire the right passes in very fast times. This you get in a simple way every time you are about to make a hit after you have mounted it correctly. As in the other shots examined above the references are always the same. Grip, Alignment, Stance, Posture. If you tackle them one at a time, with a certain discipline, you will quickly build the foundation for a good game.