Updated: May 8


It certainly is the flight that players love most, the most sensational and probably the most gratifying (if successfully played). It requires that the two earlier ones are acquired at perfection. In this case, in the two way race the clubhead is much more active than usual and you should have the feeling that it arrives earlier than your hands. It's an action requiring a lot of balance and confidence especially when the lie is not one of the easiest. It should be the stroke to practice after acquiring correctly the technique of the low and medium flights.

CLUBS: 58°, 56°,54°,52°,50°


GRIP: neutral, hands falling below the breastbone line, relaxed and lower than usual, with one angle more accentuated between hands and clubs.

ALIGNMENT: slightly to the left of the target with all the lines of the body, clubhead slightly opened to slide the flange of the club.

STANCE: slightly wider, weight equally distributed on each foot

POSTURE: legs more bent to have a lower center of gravity, back more erect and arms relaxed and close to the body

TECHNIQUE: It's a stroke that seduces but at the same time can be mortifying. It requires much control on the width of the backswing, arms and hands relaxed, a good awareness of the weight of the club. We can certainly say that in this case the keyword is: to exploit gravity force! That is the great ally of the strokes around the green. In order to do it, each aspect of the G.A.S.P. should be minutely looked for and refined during every session.