How to use them

They are easy, intuitive and quick 


1 - Insert the grip into the hole over the grip  

2 - Press the shaft in the clamp

3 - Put your arms into the proper supports 

4 - Grab the club as you would routinely do

How to link the club

Jolly training aids help you for a biomechanically swing in the upper body (right connection shoulders/arms).

For players used to performing a very hands-on swing, we recommend do not use hands.

You will get more solidity in your stroke and consequently more distance and accuracy with less effort.

The most common mistakes are immediately visible


The cuffs are designed to make you understand if your arms distance remain constant during the swing.

This can be achieved by appling little pressure with the inside of your forearms to the cuffs.


The cuffs are also designed to be placed either at the top of the forearms or at the bottom near the wrist. If you lose the handles, for example, it means that there is a lack of coordination between the movement of the shoulders and the movement of the arms.



The Jollino attaches to your waist band and cuffs your forearms, to achieve the perfect swing sequence

DSC03445 (2)ritaglio.JPG

1 - Attach the snap hook to the left pant loop and the cuffs into your arms.
They do not need to be too tight.

2 - Grab the club as you would routinely do and test at the top of the backswing if the elastic is under tension. If not, adjust it accordingly. 

3 - To achive proper swing, push in slightly the forearms. ➡ ⬅  

4 - Start with a slow swing.

The Jollino is the same for both right and left handed. 

mm (inches)
WEIGHT : 400 gr.
                  14 oz.

Materials : PA6 (Nylon) - STEEL