JollyGolf is the outcome of a friendship born out of a mutual passion for golf.

Marco Bertini, with a post graduate degree in engineering, hcp 4, creator and founder of the project.


Enrico Morandi, qualified industrial technician, hcp 7, marketer and founder of the project.



In 2016 the first prototype, wooden made, was created to help them in the putting.

Then an aluminum version and the first tests lead to modify the attitude of how JollyGolf would have to work given the amazing results obtained.

Our intuition was to develop a tool not only for the putting swing but for the short swing as well in order to help the beginners and all golfers to understand the ideal movement.

JollyGolf, a training aid MADE IN ITALY, has been realised after several modifications and with the help of a designer.

Lot of enthusiasm brought us to obtain the final prototype, followed by the patent # 9814960


We strongly believe that JollyGolf can become a personal assistant to all golf-players wishing to improve and simplify their swing and enjoy great results on the golf course.



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