short game with Jolly

What people say

" it helps you go through pitching and chipping without making mistakes "

Paola, 18 Hcp

" it leads you along the whole swing"

"better felling, more precise impacts with the ball "

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With this ebook you can learn  :

  • The importance of the short game

  • Technique, touch and creativity

  • How to practice properly

  • Training program

  • Grip, Alignment, Stance and Posture

  • 3 ball flight trajectory

  • Useful practice tips

  • The JollyGolf


Benefits of JollyGolf

  • Easy and up-to-date swing

  • Achieve the rhythm of the movement

  • Limits incorrect movements of hand and wrist

  • Obliges the proper rotation of the shoulder

  • Ideal for any player at any level

JollyGolf Adventure

Years of research on the golf swing, the achievement of an up-to-date and easy swing paved the way to the manufacturing of this tool.


Practising with JollyGolf gives the proper guidelines.

It entails getting a more fluid and rhythmical swing, obtaining the ideal rotation and angles so as to keep the club square with the utmost precision at impact with the ball.


The geometry of JollyGolf greatly limits the use of wrists, the use of which often leads to mistakes difficult to erase.


JollyGolf empowers you to work with your hips and shoulders, which enables an easier, more efficient and more repetitive swing.

*The  chart shows what you have to do to improve your score

The smart practice

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Dimensions and How use it


Club Players

JollyGolf is essential for golf players who have medium to low "handicap or HCP" (this is the numerical measure of a golfer's potential ability). If you want to start enjoying your golf game quicker, use JollyGolf for your putting , short game and long game practice.

Tests have show that with the use of JollyGolf, players memorize and master the most delicate movements of their form quicker, which will be called on repeatedly during the course of any game.

We strongly believe that it can become a "personal assistant" to all golf-players wishing to improve and simplify their swing and enjoying great results on the golf course.

Professional Coach


JollyGolf helps avoid the early stages of frustration that are often experienced when learning the more technical sport of golf. If you devote yourself to the daily teachings of golf, this could be an important aid for your students. JollyGolf enhances your coaching technique by helping novice players perfect their ideal body rotations in an easy, comfortable and intuitive way. It's a valid tool for any professional instructor seeking to empower the ones they teach.  Help your students perfect their game by becoming more aware of their swing.

mm (inches)
WEIGHT : 400 gr.
                  14 oz.

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