An innovative and versatile tool which allows you to practise all stages of the game.
JollyGolf guides you to a more effective technique, improving the impact with the ball!

The Only Portable Training Aid That Lets You...

Practise and improve your putting, chipping and pitching, so you’ll be confident anywhere on the course playing your next shot.

Become a Sniper Near The Green

Like a personal trainer, it corrects your bad habits, guiding you towards the perfect swing and impact with the ball. It means great distance control.

Practise at home, on the range and on the course!

Back to Basics

Like a musician, tune your swing with JollyGolf, before playing!

The JollyGolf training aid guides your body to a perfect swing.

It teaches you a more fluid and rhythmical swing, obtaining the ideal rotation and angles to keep the club square with the utmost precision when at impact with the ball.


JollyGolf will...

  • Perfect your swing

  • Improve your Putting, Short and Long Game

  • Achieve the correct rhythm of movement

  • Limit incorrect movement in the hands and wrist

  • Ensure the proper rotation of the shoulder

       Ideal for players who love to practise.


How JollyGolf Works

Here at JollyGolf, we have spent time researching the perfect golf swing. Golfers wanting to perfect their swing has paved the way to the manufacturing of this tool.


The geometry of the JollyGolf training aid greatly limits the use of wrists, which stops golfers getting into bad, erasable habits.


The JollyGolf training aid empowers you to work with your hips and shoulders, for an easier, more efficient, and more repetitive swing.

short game with Jolly
How to Assemble
It is easy, intuitive and quick 

1- Insert the pin into the hole over the grip

2- Press the shaft in the clamp

3- Put your arms into the proper supports

4- Grip the club as you would routinely do

Do You Want To Train Like A Champion?

Read our blog, Training for Champions to improve your golf using the Jolly Golf Training Aid.  It's full of hints, tips and coaching points, so you can improve your game. 

It's the tool I've always been looking for!


It's amazing how easy it is to understand the swing with this tool.

I recommend the use of JollyGolf for all professional instructors.

Luca Salvetti 

A PGA qualified professional and PGA Tutor, with over 25 years experience in the world of golf. With a masters degree in Sport Sciences, specialising in Biomechanics.

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— Stephen, Golf Enthusiast

“Within the first 10 minutes of using this product I was connecting with the ball like I've never done before”


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With this ebook you can learn:

  • The importance of the short game

  • Technique, touch and creativity

  • How to practise properly

  • Training programme

  • Grip, alignment, stance and posture

  • 3 ball flight trajectory

  • Useful tips

  • All about JollyGolf

Training for Champions

Our Blog : tips, exercises and more...

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