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Jolly Golf Training Aid

Anyone can play golf well

Jolly Golf Training Aids are designed to provide instant feedback on the correct swing during practice.

Jolly Golf training aid

The Jolly

Jollino Golf training aid

The Jollino

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Jolly Golf Training Aid

Attach to your club to practice today 

The Jolly will...

  • Improve Putting and Short Game

  • Limit incorrect movement in the hands and wrists

  • Understanding correct shoulder rotation


€ 99

Jolly Golf Will...

Meet the Jollino 

The new unique, light and portable golf training aid

Do you want to...​

  • Improve Short and Long Game

  • Keep the forearms  at the correct distance 

  • Understanding correct shoulder rotation

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 € 29

Jollino Golf Training Aid

The Jollino attaches to your waist band and cuffs your forearms, to achieve the perfect swing sequence

Meet the Jollino

How JollyGolf Works

Here at our center, we have spent time researching the ideal golf swing.


Golfers wanting to perfect their swing have paved the way for manufacturing these tools.


JollyGolf training aids help you better understand how to work your hips and shoulders.

If the handle of the device comes off your arms during the swing, you are making a mistake.