Jolly Golf Training Aid
With JollyGolf you can learn faster and improve your golf practice.
Jolly Golf training aid

The Jolly

We are committed to developing innovative tools that help you play golf the right way.
Jollino Golf training aid

The Jollino

The JollyGolf Training Aids Let You...

Practice and improve all stages of the game, so you’ll be confident anywhere on the course playing your next shot.

Become a Sniper Near The Green

The JollyGolf training aids correct your bad habits, guiding you towards the perfect swing and impact with the ball. It means great distance control.

Practice at home, on the range and on the course!

Back to Basics

Like a musician, tune your swing with JollyGolf, before playing!

The JollyGolf training aids guide your body to a perfect swing.

They teach you a more fluid and rhythmical swing, obtaining the ideal rotation and angles to keep the club square with the utmost precision when at impact with the ball.

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Jolly Golf Training Aid

The Jolly will...

  • Perfect your swing

  • Improve your Putting and Short Game; from your putter to your irons!

  • Achieve the correct rhythm of movement

  • Limit incorrect movement in the hands and wrist

  • Ensure the proper rotation of the shoulder


Attach to your club to practise today!


How JollyGolf Works

Here at our centre, we have spent time researching the ideal golf swing. Golfers wanting to perfect their swing has paved the way to the manufacturing of this tool.


The geometry of the JollyGolf training aid greatly limits the use of wrists, which stops golfers getting into bad, erasable habits.


The JollyGolf training aid empowers you to work with your hips and shoulders, for an easier, more efficient, and more repetitive swing.

Meet the Jollino 

The new unique, light and portable training aid from JollyGolf

Do you want to...​

  • Perfect your swing

  • Improve your Short and Long Game; from your wedge to your driver!

  • Achieve the correct rhythm of movement

  • Keep the forearms at the correct distance

  • Ensure the proper rotation of the shoulder


Jollino Golf Training Aid

The Jollino attaches to your waist band and cuffs your forearms, to achieve the perfect swing sequence